Liebster Award

Being nominated for an award for the first time is an complete honor. And as I am a new blogger i am really happy. And I am really thankful for my friend Dua for nominating me who has inspired me to write blogs. It really means alot!


●Thank the blogger who nominated you.

●share 11 facts about yourself.

●Answer the 11 question blogger asked you.

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1. I am good at realistic sketching I have done alot of portraits of many people.
2. I adapted my arts skill for my great grand father and my other relatives.
3. I love every kind of sports especially swimming and figure skating.
4. My right hand fingers are longer than my left hand fingers.
5. My hair are way too curly and are really hard to detangle them.
6. I am interested in all kind of subjects except the maths related. My mind gets mixed up while doing math.
7. I love writing, I have written a story,i started it when I was 11 and its a really long story which my friends enjoyed. Hoping to post here soon!
8. Archeology was my first favourite subject in childhood.
9. I have been doing drawing since age of 3.
10. I do Crochet, I love to do knitting and crochet it really keeps me busy.
11. I LOVE the subject astronomy!


The Godly Chic Diaries


1) Who is your Ideal or Role Model?
Prophet PBUH❤️
2) what kind of music you like?
Pop or indie. I don’t listen to music anymore though.
3) What you have Studied?
I am basically studying in school but I do have future plans for going into a medical field.
4) Would you prefer books or videos?
I guess I would prefer both.
5) what is your hobby?
6) What are you expert at?
Making sketches!
7) What is the one thing you love about yourself?
Understanding things.
8) What is your biggest fear?
Deep oceans!
9) What can you not live without?
Food! :p
10) What is your favourite sports?
11) If you could travel to one country, what it’ll be?
United Kingdom.


1) Do you have any hobby?
2) Do you have any favourite personality?
3) How would you describe yourself?
4) What are you expert at?
5) How would you spend your holidays?
6) What is your favourite subject?
7) What personality trait you admire the most about yourself?
8) Do you have any fear?
9) What country would you love to travel?
10) Do you have a favourite book?
11) What music genre you prefer?


Quote :)

“Smaller lessons do contribute in the bigger lessons of your life.”

This quote is written by me comment down your opinion~LK

Controlling your emotions…

Controlling your emotions

” Anger”

Your emotions sometimes takeover you and start to control you. This can be described as in a negative way which can create problems for you. The most dangerous emotions that can almost ruin everything is anger. How this really develops? It does develop from constantly being surrounded by negative people or loneliness.

Anger is one of the contagious emotions. Mostly you get scolded by somebody else who is already angry because of something and takes it off on you. And then the cycle continues by you getting that anger off to somebody else. If we get the control over it we can almostly change the whole thing. No one’s day would be ruined because the that anger. Mostly we shout at somebody else which create a bad image of yourself and realize it later. We do realize these types of things later. And because of that we lose the most important people of our lives and let our precious time go away!you can imagine how would you have handled that situation and how different would it have been!

If we handle these kind of things easily and try to find out more ways to handle them, we can change the whole perspective! Change your emotions before they change you. ~LK

Sacrifice is an essential part of life.


°Sacrificing for your loved ones is the most important thing in your life. Today I learnt something, it was a small thing but worth to learn. I will consider as a really small experience but I think I am really proud of myself that I realized it really early.
°I asked my father to bring a pack of chewing gums. Who doesn’t love chewing gum? (Apart from the danger that you might choke because of them :p). He bought me a pack of 7. Then I was like let’s give some to everybody. I gave to my brother, mother and my cousin so that means I got only 4 now. Few minutes later my father asked for one and I was like it’s going to finish. He responded its okay with a smile. I went back to work on something and for few seconds I just kept thinking it’s just a chewing gum I should have gave him one. I went back and gave him one. And I felt something really good in me. It was like I did something really good even it was only a chewing gum and I really did not want to be that selfish that I won’t share a chewing gum to my own father because there were only four left.
°What I learnt that even if it was a chewing gum maybe in future it can be something big and I have to sacrifice it. First of all you should be always ready to sacrifice all of your things for your parents because they sacrificed alot of things when you were young. That chewing gum can be considered as I shared it or sacrificed it. Well right now it will be said as to be shared but maybe being replaced with something else it might be said as a sacrifice. Alhamdullilah I am blessed with the parents who work day and night, sacrifice alot of things for me, would provide everything as much as possible and I want to be there for my parents whenever they need me. Sometimes we might get angry for somethings they do but never forget how much they do for you. Don’t leave them for little things. Always remember the amazing things they did for you They are a blessing for God. I can’t believe how would I have survived without my parents. And sacrifice is indeed necessary in all kind of relationships. So it was a little experience but worth experiencing ❤️

“Without sacrifice, we end up letting each other go and giving up on one another. Without sacrifice, we sacrifice love itself, and we end up losing that which matters most in life” (taken from Google)

Have an amazing day and love your parents! ~LK

Try to be positive as much as you can!

Try to be positive as much as you can!

Being in a negative environment breaks you in small pieces. At this time you have to be positive or else the aftermath will be bad than expected. It really hurts to be in a negative environment. When you are surrounded by negative people you become negative too. Constant mood swings, anger, frustration and then violence. It is always necessary to keep out of this type of environment and go ahead to the positivity. Sometimes you might be just stuck with it and can’t escape. But you can try to be as much positive as you can. You will have to go for it.
Sometimes you would just ask a question to yourself, why some people are so negative? Why everything is so dull in their lives or why they don’t want others to be happy? Because they have been in that type of environment. If you spread negativity it will grow. Instead of being bad just because the people treat you like that, try to be more positive in everything and spread positivity. Try to seek positivity in every single thing in your life and you’ll see how much you’ll conquer!

Hope you all have an amazing dayXx~LK

Night as a peaceful time🌃❤️

Night is the time when everyone go to their beds after working hard to survive, to take some time off from life, to have some peace. But there are some people who don’t sleep and enjoy the moment of peace by waking up. As no one is awake, there is no sound of cars or traffic nothing. It brings an inner peace. It can said to be as a therapy for some people. Personally, I enjoy that time alot sitting and just watching outside. The cool breeze of the night refreshes you. Sometimes you would feel like to go invisible and wander around the streets, under the light while enjoying the cool weather (unless it’s not creepy or scary :p). You can enjoy that part of the day sometimes as sleep is essential. But even for only few minutes of sitting and enjoying the moment is amazing.